• Yatir Forest, 2018, 110x135 cm (1/3)

  • Yatir Forest, 2018, 110x135 cm (2/3)

  • Yatir Forest, 2018, 110x135 cm (3/3)

Situated on the road from Beer Sheva to Jerusalem, Yatir Forest is the world’s largest artificially planted forest in a desert climate. Spread over more than 3,000 hectares, this wooded area—like all the other forests in the Jewish state—was planted by the Keren Kayemeth organization, a veritable weapon of the government in the endless territorial struggles between Jews and Arabs.

Continuing his research on the impact of political strife and geographical conflict on the landscape, Shoshan adds this piece to his greater project, Territories of Waiting. He challenges the viewer with a triptych that works like a trompe-l’oeil: it looks like a simple panorama shot, and yet each image was taken from a different angle with a different focal point.

This particular staging confronts the viewer with the idea that, depending on their point of view and relative distance from a subject, they will perceive and understand information in different ways.